As working mothers of two children each, we know that time is precious and hard to come by! Our clients time and their needs remain at the forefront of every relationship and we strive to ensure that those expectations are managed with care and efficiency.

Having started our careers in other professions, we know how lucky we are to have found an industry that we truly love to work in! We have almost 20 years of combined real estate experience between the two of us and we work incredibly hard to ensure that we are continuously learning and improving upon our existing knowledge base.

When working with us, we strive to take care of the details of your listing or purchase from day one. No matter the price point, from neighbourhood knowledge to fierce negotiation, we know that our clients expect the best and it’s our job to deliver.

We work with each client to strategize the goals and expectations of their purchase or sale in order to achieve the most productive outcome in the time frame provided. And most importantly, we are available and accountable to our clients. When you sign on to work with us, you get both of us. We love our clients and go the extra mile to ensure their needs are always met.